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Wytchwood School Courses

Wytchwood School is committed to the awakening spirit of human growth through the practical use of Witchcraft and Magick.  By offering a variety of courses and intensives in Witchcraft and Magick from several different disciplines, Wytchwood School endeavors to make education and understanding of the Craft available to a large community of seekers. Wytchwood School is dedicated to the principles of ecological diversity, illumination, and community.  Animal, plant and mineral, we are all connected, living on the bounty and treasure of Mother Earth.


The intent of Wytchwood School is to provide clear, accessable information and instruction about Witchcraft.  Our focus is on personal ethics and several Wiccan traditions.  We hope to assist the seeker in developing a working knowledge of the basic tenets of daily magical living.

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Here are descriptions of the courses and workshops offered by Wytchwood School in Boulder Creek. All these offerings can be made available to your community, customized to suit your group and venue.  If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, contact J’té to see what else is possible!
To book Wytchwood School courses, contact J’té Argent.  It is best to schedule courses and workshops at least one season in advance



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