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Firedrake Feri was initially developed by J’té Argent and Alison Harlow.  This line of Feri is being taught in the Santa Cruz Mountains by J’té Argent, with the blessings of her teacher and initiator, Alison, who passed through the veil on June 13th, 2004.


FireDrake Feri combines the teachings of Alison Harlow (Wings of Vanthi Coven), Grandma Julie of the Tower family (as taught by Alison), Underworld/Overworld workings and connective magick of the Great Redwoods.  The emphasis of this line is on personal union with Elemental Beings and Guardians; a deep rapport with the Dark Goddess; personal and direct intercourse with the Earth; developing a profound relationship to Feri Gods (all Gods are Feri Gods); understanding the folkloric compact of the Fae; regular, consistent use of the Feri Pentacles and basic Feri Practices.  Courses taught in Boulder Creek take place in a Great Redwood Grove year-round.


FireDrake Feri Courses are thirteen Saturday/Sunday sessions occurring once monthly in Boulder Creek.

The Level One Course is also available through distance training and can be booked for alternate sites in Northern California.


Subjects covered in these courses include in-depth work with Feri practices, as well as Firedrake Feri and Vanthi rituals, with major emphasis on personal growth and transformation throughout.


The 1st & 2nd Level courses offered as non-initiatory courses to beginning and continuing Feri students.  The 3rd Level course is offered as an initiatory course to continuing Feri students who have completed Levels 1 & 2 FDF course and are seeking initiation into Feri.


Sessions are conducted outside in the Great Redwood Grove (weather permitting), and in the Temple room during heavy weather; please bring out-door clothing to layer up..


All students accepted at the discretion of the instructor.

Course instructor: J’té Argent is a Feri Priestess in Santa Cruz County. She teaches Witchcraft and has been active in the Craft community for more than fifteen years. She is a visual artist, illustrator and owner of Argent Art www.argentart.com and Wytchwood School www.wytchwood.com. J’té is committed to providing teaching, ritual experience, and other Feri resources to all registered students. Any requests of the instructor beyond her commitment will be considered on an individual basis.


For specific course content and fees see the page for each Level.



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